About Not Getting The Job You Thought You Were Gonna Get

I did NOT just find an image of Edward from TWILIGHT on an inspirational quote.  Sorry folks, I was too lazy to crop out the “Share This” message.  Just share my blog. I should’ve known, by the lack of communication from the Human Resources Department of the company I applied for, that I wasn’t selected […]

About My New Full-Time Employment

It’s been exactly ONE MONTH since I got fired from my job.  And it wasn’t a job as a barista from Starbucks (not that anything at all is wrong with being a barista – lots of love in my heart for those of you who are, or are related to one)…I had a profession.  I […]

About Getting Fired

So, on February 1, 2013, I got to my office at about 11:00am after visiting a couple of bank branches that I handle.  I’m a Financial Advisor – well, I was a Financial Advisor – for a local bank where I live. As I was saying, I had just come back after dropping off some “Thank […]