About Balancing My Checkbook

I wish I had a dog so that he can do this for me.  It’s 10 AM on Monday morning.  Nippy at about 75 degrees F, and occasional trade winds here in Hawaii.  BTW, just WHERE is the temperature degrees symbol on this keyboard??  Where is the “cent” symbol too?  Do we not use those […]

About Filing for Unemployment

DANGGGG…IT!!!!!  I missed my bi-weekly deadline to file my unemployment claim which was yesterday.  It’s such a simple process and especially nowadays you can do it online.  And to top it off, I actually spoke to the unemployment office on Thursday to verify something.  She even guided me through it, thinking I was following her […]

About Being Jealous

Can I just let out a big sigh? Ok, I have a feeling that this topic will be a Part 1 of infinity.  This is one of my BIGGEST vices…ever.  It is the giant that I face, and it goes hand-in-hand with having issues with insecurity.  It’s a quarter past Midnight where I am (Hawaii), so […]

About Feeling Secure

Raise your hand if you feel secure because of the following: Having a nice career, nice bank account, a nice car, nice house, lots of friends, good-looking significant other?  Ha.  Oscar Meyer Baloney to the nth degree!  Some of those I just mentioned I used to have, and others I still have and cherish, but […]

About Procrastinating

Oh WHY, WHY, WHY to I ALWAYS do this to myself?  WHY do I procrastinate??  I swear, I’ve it’s been Twenty-One days since I got fired, and I act like I’m a socialite from Gossip Girl who has all the time and money in the world to do whatever she wants.  As IF I was […]