About Preparing for The Bachelor Finale Tonight!

Believe it or not, there are about a MILLION 40-year-old women preparing for tonight’s finale.  It’s the our Superbowl, ladies!  Well, a million may be exaggerated…but then again, there’s about a million people in Hawaii.  So if you were to factor in the USA population, absolutely YES there are about a million women (maybe not all aged […]

About The Bachelor’s Women Tell All Episode

I didn’t realize blogging about the Bachelor show would take so much effort!  At least to make it a blog that is entertaining and worth reading.  I’m inspired by actual Bachelor/Bachelorette contestants blogging with pictures, so call me a copy cat and move on.  BTW, people are more visual anyway.  How do you think I […]

About Not Getting The Job You Thought You Were Gonna Get

I did NOT just find an image of Edward from TWILIGHT on an inspirational quote.  Sorry folks, I was too lazy to crop out the “Share This” message.  Just share my blog. I should’ve known, by the lack of communication from the Human Resources Department of the company I applied for, that I wasn’t selected […]

About Balancing My Checkbook

I wish I had a dog so that he can do this for me.  It’s 10 AM on Monday morning.  Nippy at about 75 degrees F, and occasional trade winds here in Hawaii.  BTW, just WHERE is the temperature degrees symbol on this keyboard??  Where is the “cent” symbol too?  Do we not use those […]

About Filing for Unemployment

DANGGGG…IT!!!!!  I missed my bi-weekly deadline to file my unemployment claim which was yesterday.  It’s such a simple process and especially nowadays you can do it online.  And to top it off, I actually spoke to the unemployment office on Thursday to verify something.  She even guided me through it, thinking I was following her […]

About Being Jealous

Can I just let out a big sigh? Ok, I have a feeling that this topic will be a Part 1 of infinity.  This is one of my BIGGEST vices…ever.  It is the giant that I face, and it goes hand-in-hand with having issues with insecurity.  It’s a quarter past Midnight where I am (Hawaii), so […]

About the French Word, “Merde!”

While searching for humorous or French-related blogs, I stumbled upon another blogger Chez Nick.  Is it Nick?  I’ll have to toggle back to that page, hold on a sec… Yes, it is Chez Nick.  How lucky for me, both humorous AND French-related.  Funny and fun blog.  And I may be jumping the gun with this assumption […]