About Not Getting The Job You Thought You Were Gonna Get


I did NOT just find an image of Edward from TWILIGHT on an inspirational quote.  Sorry folks, I was too lazy to crop out the “Share This” message.  Just share my blog.

I should’ve known, by the lack of communication from the Human Resources Department of the company I applied for, that I wasn’t selected for the job I hoped to acquire by this month. Cue theme music from The Price is Right when someone loses the game.  This means that our health insurance would not kick in by next month so that my husband can go back to all his dare devil antics again.  What am I saying?! He went back to Jiu Jitsu last night and also paid for the monthly tuition. He doesn’t care!  Health insurance what is that?

You know how I found out that I was the loser?  I actually stopped by the company department office (because I used to work there and am still friends with the people), and told them that I recently got laid off (OK, OK, FIRED…but ‘fired’ sounds so harsh – read my previous blog, “About Getting Fired”).  My former counterpart asked me if I applied for the position that I was hoping for, only to let me know that he did too (Dangit.).  This led me to ask him, “Hey wait, if you applied for the position, and if you get it, what happens to your current position?” Meaning I know I’ll probably lose out to him for this coveted position since he’s more articulate than I am, more experienced, AND he’s a GUY, so I wouldn’t mind applying for his current position.  However, go back ten seconds ago when I asked him that question, he cut me off and said almost arrogantly, “…Oh, I got it.”  Excuse me? Come again sir?  “Yeah, I got the position.  We’re just going through the formalities.”

Boy.  Did I feel like an ass. I felt like a HUGE embarrassed ass.  And all I could do was straighten my face, which was melting with disappointment and say, “Oh! Well, what can I say, I knew it.  You’re the best for the position.”  I really wanted to say, “You stinking STINKER!  You already HAD a job! I was FIRED! Now you had to take my opportunity away?  Selfish old man, I’m cuter than you!”  But of course I just gave the best fake smile and scrambled for the best nonsense topic I could change the subject to.


Whatever.  At least I know that God had plans for me to not morph back into a power-hungry, stressed out ‘yotch that I was while trying to climb the stupid paper maché corporate ladder.  Well, this door has certainly shut.  But now I can move on.  I wasn’t ready to start working again anyway.  Heck, I get to stay home, do the things I enjoy doing at my own pace, maybe take a nap, blog, knit, chat with my best friend three times a day, watch Gossip Girl (that stupid addicting show!), Facebook, and blog some more!

However, I do know that running out of money is looming around the corner.  AND the darn health insurance issue.  It does worry me somewhat and I try to rid that weighty thought as much as possible.  Why does my ego have to be so big though?  I could walk into the nearest Starbucks and apply for a barista job and will probably get hired and start work the next day.  Or maybe not. I may just be overqualified.  I’ve heard of stuff like that happening.  But the thought of former clients coming into Starbucks and seeing me working there makes me want to vomit.  What do I do? Lie and say that I’m a sister, and that I get mistaken for her (aka. me) a lot?  Tempting!  But that would never fly here in my little town.  People would create rumors that would actually be truth, and I would get busted by my parents, and they would ground my 40-year-old ass.

So…I have resorted to another quick plan.  I will be helping out this lady who owns a yarn shop for a few days while she is out-of-town.  I threw it out there when I last visited her, but she looked like she wasn’t sure if she wanted to keep the shop open.  I just thought she didn’t really trust me to handle her cash.  But I was a Financial Advisor for Pete’s sake!  I’m all about cash!  I endured six hours of EXAM to get my license.  Anyway, she ended up reaching out to me on Facebook today and I’m supposed to start learning the ropes soon.  She cautioned that it can get REALLLLLLLY  BORRRRRRRING.  I will just make sure I have my iPhone, my knitting project, some snacks…I should be fine.  Little does she know that I enjoy doing nothing and doing them in silence nonetheless.  I hope she has WiFi.  Ha! I’ll be earning a whopping $10/hour.  Nice way to get my feet wet though, in this thing called humility.

I will continue to job-search, and explore some options.  In fact, I read on Investopedia.com that one of the highest paid jobs that people overlook is doing that Home-Based Internet Cash Thing.  So I researched it, and bought the kit – it was on sale for about $40, and I haven’t touched it since.  I have to watch the videos and follow it closely.  It has been featured on MSNBC or CNN though, and looks pretty legit.  Mainly what it is about is creating leads for companies via the internet.  Marketing, basically.  There’s a ga-zillion people who surf the net, why not intercept the traffic? So, it’s my next project.  And I will blog about it.

LISTEN TO ME:  Read that Vampire Edward quote at the beginning of my blog again.  And if that ain’t enough, here’s more… 1) When one door closes, look for other open ones.  2) Never lose hope.  3) Keep moving forward.  After all, mostly everything about our physical body points forward…except our ass.


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