About Filing for Unemployment

DANGGGG…IT!!!!!  I missed my bi-weekly deadline to file my unemployment claim which was yesterday.  It’s such a simple process and especially nowadays you can do it online.  And to top it off, I actually spoke to the unemployment office on Thursday to verify something.  She even guided me through it, thinking I was following her while she spoke.  Of course I wasn’t.  I was just saying “uh-huh…uh-huh…” as if I was.  Why didn’t I just file it then?  Because I am a PROCRASTINATOR!!!  ARGGGGG!!!

I even missed it last week with that sinking horrific feeling that I missed the boat here…only to breathe a sigh of relief knowing that I was now on a bi-weekly schedule to file.  HA…no mother savior this time.

I’m not used to this filing for unemployment claim thing! There are THOUSANDS of people who do this on a regular basis, and it’s so EASY…I could just kick myself.  Anyway, when I think about this claim per week is only less than $500, I guess I can get over it.  But now, I’m irritated that this process is SO EASY that yes, there ARE THOUSANDS of people who make this a lifestyle!


The NERVE!  But so true.  My former assistant was like this.  She also had three Louis Vuitton bags, and an iPhone before I did!  WTH! I don’t even have Louis Vuitton bags.  Anyway, I could go on and on about this, and I probably will, but I have to cook dinner right now.  Still working on battling with my procrastination.

Listen to me:  If the task is simple and easy, just do the dang thing.  And as much as possible, don’t be part of the welfare mentality.  Old-fashioned hard work gains respect with people.


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