About the French Word, “Merde!”

While searching for humorous or French-related blogs, I stumbled upon another blogger Chez Nick.  Is it Nick?  I’ll have to toggle back to that page, hold on a sec…

Yes, it is Chez Nick.  How lucky for me, both humorous AND French-related.  Funny and fun blog.  And I may be jumping the gun with this assumption that he (assuming it’s a guy) is funny.  He seems funny.  The first French word he’s teaching is “Merde” which means…well, why don’t you just read it.  How do I link up his blog post into here?  MERDE I say!  Just do a search for the guy and his blog is entitled, “Merde in France”.  It’s funny how saying this in probably the most romantic language in the world makes me sound so elegant and sophisticated.  I mean, I could write a song about it and all the grandmas and grandpas would give me endearing hugs.  

Anyway, the reason why I wanted to post this is that this French word is the first thing that came to mind as I’m navigating through WordPress.com!!  I’m still so new at this – not the writing – but just that, NAVIGATING.  For the most part it’s ok, I’m not stupid.  But I don’t understand the difference with this Gravatar thing.  MERDE!   I can’t seem to get my arms around the site just yet, it’s almost there…fingertips touching.  

I just got excited to stumble upon Chez Nick and his funny blog.  I hope he follows me. I hope ANYONE follows me.  I think one person is.  I just have to navigate through this dang site to figure out who it is. 

LISTEN TO ME: If you aren’t searching, you will never find merde.  PS. Follow me Chez Nick, since I really do give a merde.


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