About My New Full-Time Employment

It’s been exactly ONE MONTH since I got fired from my job.  And it wasn’t a job as a barista from Starbucks (not that anything at all is wrong with being a barista – lots of love in my heart for those of you who are, or are related to one)…I had a profession.  I was a Financial Advisor. I carry a Series 7, a Series 66, and Life/Accident Insurance Licenses.  I sat in a proctored exam for a total of TEN HOURS to gain these superficial credentials. Sigh…but who cares, really.  My prideful self would have begun this blog post as, “It’s been exactly ONE MONTH since I got laid off from my job…” because “laid off” sounds like I was victimized.  It’s a phrase that would evoke sympathy and compassion from people.  “Getting fired” sounds so dirty and scandalous.  Like, ohhh…she got FIRED from her job…she must have embezzled Richie Rich mounds of cash working for a bank.  Or, look at all the money she got in commissions from all those clients…something smells FISHY!  Whatever, people.  I barely made a dime.  The COMPANY made all the money pimping me out because there was a carrot dangling perpetually between my eyes.  I was USED.  But it’s ok really.  Truly was a blessing in disguise.  And as much as I sound bitter, I’m not.  I just like to be funny and dramatic about it, hoping that by writing about my life experience that some TV show scout out there would discover my blog and make a comedy out of it.  So yes, one month.  Today marks the first day of not having health insurance.  It is so liberating!

Now, I am not trying to be stealth about this or anything.  I will disclose the fact that I am a woman with Christian values and great faith.  I love God, I have accepted Jesus into my heart, and I may even be considered a leader in the church I go to.  I will not be however, the “church lady” and speak Christianese and sprinkle Holy Water or Anointing Oil on you all.  I am real.  I fight with my flesh every single day.  Yes, I don’t drink alcohol because of pure choice to set an example for my teenage son and the people I lead at church, and to support husband’s viewpoint because he barely escaped a dysfunctional family life of drug smugglers and alcoholics.  I HARDLY cuss.  Meaning, I’ll say “crap” and get busted by my son, and I’ll say “ass” or type “a$$” or abbreviate with OMG or WTH (which is “Heck”).  Once in a while, the cuss words like “damn” or “hell” do escape my lips because I came from such a dirty-mouthed world referred to as, Catholic School.  But you’ll be happy to know that it is only in private, and I’ll usually say it under my breath because I’ve stubbed my toe in a door jam, or spilled coffee on my white blouse.  AND exclaimed only with my husband or BFF.  But never, ever, ever will I be loose-lipped like these new generation of Christians who dare to call Jesus “Uncle” or “homeboy”, or using the words like “fricken” (see I felt guilty typing that word already), and posting it as my Facebook status. I mean, this one guy I know, I think is Christian, is displaying a debacle of worldly antics on Facebook. I mean, when I see the guy giving a double-bird gesture on a picture post of FB, my mind doesn’t immediately think of Jesus.  OMG, WTH!  My whole point is that, I don’t want to cause others to stumble!  But all of this, is not to be critical of others people, so don’t hate.  If anything, RELATE.

Where am I going with all this?  What is this got to do with Full-Time Employment?  Well, I try to read the Bible on a daily basis.  Do I?  No.  Because I struggle with procrastination, laziness (refer to my other blog posts), and I am hooked on watching the Bachelor, and Gossip Girl.  UGH…I know…hypocrite.   I gave you the full disclosure, that I’m REAL.  I never claimed to be a Super Christian – which BTW does not exist on this earth.  So despite my shortcomings, I do like to learn more about Jesus’ life and how He handles situations.  There’s so much wisdom in this book.

Anyway, it all stemmed with seeing my neighbor this morning after dropping off my son to school. Small talk as he’s holding his adorable toddler.  He says that he’s sorry about my job situation.  I banter back that I’m not sorry, and I’m loving being home.  He returns with his experience of losing his job, and how he loved it, he lost weight, lost stress, etc.  But the most important thing that he said, and I swear, it was like God Himself speaking to me through my neighbor because every cell in my body heard those words.  He said, “…you do have a job.  It is to read the Word, and pray.”  Boy!  So simple, yet so profound!

I certainly AM employed.  Full-Time Employed to be precise.  I am fully employed by God Himself. All these other jobs and careers I have on earth are assignments from Him.  This last assignment is over.  I need to now take this time to sit with Him and have Him give me my evaluation.  How did I share Him with others in the duration of my assignment?  Was I a blessing, or a curse?  Did I trust that He will provide the necessary compensation when I was deep in my commission draw hole? I guess I did.  But I also need to ask and clarify with God what my main duties are being employed by Him, and how to prepare for my next assignment…whenever He chooses to assign it.  I know for the most part is that my duties are to read His Word and to study His ways, to relinquish my petitions and concerns to Him, to not worry about any seeming lack in finances, and to TRUST that He will take care of me and my family.  Can you imagine those simple duties in your current job? 1)Read & study about your boss, 2) Stay in constant communication with your boss (with ALL your concerns), 3) Know that your boss has got everything covered, and 4) Be free to do as you please, but to be ready for the next assignment.  There’s no job out there like this.  Good to be working for the Ultimate Boss.

Listen To Me:  I’ve said my points about my FT employment above.  But the greatest take-away is this…you may not have the same viewpoint as I do.  If you’ve stumbled upon my blog, it’s no accident.  I hate to be cliché, but things happen for a reason. Be open-minded about Christians.  I’ll say it again, we are not perfect.  But we follow someone who is.


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