About Sean the Bachelor: Final Two…or rather…Pinal Two – Ai Soos!

Well, well, well…it’s about time I blogged about this irritatingly WONDERFUL reality drama!  First and foremost, this show is such a guilty pleasure, NO ONE, and I repeat, NO ONE will ever find out that I absolutely LOVE this stupid show.  You know what it is about the Bachelor/Bachelorette franchise that draws me every single season? It’s the dang PURSUIT! It’s the SMORGASBORD of contestants, and the pseudo control of choosing the best person for this dude.  It’s the purging of deep-rooted judgments and opinions of these beautiful people. It’s the 2-hours of escaping from and detoxing from work, and life, and entering into a nonsensical fantasy.  It’s just so stinking FUN AND ADDICTING!  I mean, I watched Ben’s season for Pete’s Sake.  I had to!  OMG, if I hadn’t, I wouldn’t have discovered Emily, and then Arie!  And I know I there is no connection from Ben to Emily, but who cares.  Maybe there is, but whatever.  Arie is my all-time favorite bachelor-candidate.  I mean, THE KISSER!  Holy Big Blue Whale…that guy can KISS!  Steammmmy!  That’s seriously every girl’s dream kiss.  It’s gotta be because he’s European.  Those guys are always Pepe-le-pewing after the cat.  European men seem to be into taking their sweet time, and savoring EVERY moment of life.  American men are always rushed.  In all respect of my sexy husband, he does take his time, but trace his line…ends up in Europe.  German, Lithuanian (I don’t think these people are romantic, are they?  But wait, he has French in him somewhere…TOTAL ROMANTIC).

Anyway, where was I?  Ok, this guy Sean, the new Bachelor.  Down to two girls, Catherine – who is GORGEOUS – exotic, fun, witty it seems, and…what’s that other girl’s name again?  I know she’s 24 years old.  Anyway.  I’ll bet you, Sean picks Catherine.  Why?  BECAUSE, the 24-year old is too young.  Catherine is different, she’s edgier, she’s flavorful, she’s spicy!  I mean, she had him roll lumpias with her mother and do those Filipino custom things!  SPICY! And I will just have you know, that I too, am Filipina.  We Filipinas are so stinking INTERESTING and PASSIONATE!  Yes, we can be feisty and moody, but boy, we are FUN! There is no such thing as run-of-the-mill here. OF COURSE I put my husband on the spot when I’m watching the Bachelor and impose my opinions about Sean picking Catherine.  OF COURSE I’ve asked him, “So honey, do you regret marrying a Filipina?”  And OF COURSE it’s a trick question.  We Filipinas are a handful!  And my husband diplomatically says, “Regret? How can I?  You make my life interesting.  You keep me on my toes.”  Well, at least that’s what I thought he said.  I paraphrased.  I remember the “keep me on my toes” part mostly.

So Sean bless his heart, will have his handful with this one – for the good though, ABSOLUTELY!  Plus, with Catherine, he’s finally gonna have some tanned-skin DNA in his offspring, thank God.  Oh, other supporting information as to why I believe he will pick Catherine?  Well, follow him on Twitter: @SeanLowe09.  If you do your research like I have, I have looked at his tweets as far back as when the season was about to start.  I’ve followed him when he was on Emily’s season.  Anyway, in his tweets, he posts something about wearing a “onesie” contest.  Now, stay with me.  I also started following Catherine on Twitter (@clmgiudici).  I could’ve SWORN an old tweet she posted was of her wearing a onesie.  And it may have been before the show even aired!  BTW…I just looked at her feed, and the pic is not there anymore! WTH!! ABC made Catherine remove it because it was a CLUE!! I really did see it.  Anyway, Onesie Coincidence?  NEVER…He picks her!!  Also, read Catherine’s bio on abc.com.  She lists “riding an elephant in Thailand” on her bucket list.  Where are they now, and where is he giving his final rose? Sawadee Ka, people!  Anyway…I just love how all these Filipinas are coming out of the woodwork.  Jasmine Trias and Jessica Sanchez from American Idol (and isn’t there a new Filipina girl in the final 20 for this A.I. season?  It’s not a question for you to answer.  I witnessed Nicki Minaj ask her straight up, “Are you Filipino?”  You don’t understand how funny it was for me to hear that on National Television, alongside feeling so proud to be Pinay)…and now Catherine the half-breed Filipina.  So Proud!

Listen to me:  Give brown people a chance.  Team Catherine!  PS.  Listen to me Sean Lowe: if it absolutely is Catherine that you choose, you will forever love her.  Your life will be so dang exciting.  Yes, you will get into crazy heated “discussions” and you will experience the Filipina wrath, but remember this: Filipinas are PASSIONATE!  Filipinas are highly affectionate and such loving creatures.  And you kids will be so stinking GORGEOUS!


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