About Procrastinating

Oh WHY, WHY, WHY to I ALWAYS do this to myself?  WHY do I procrastinate??  I swear, I’ve it’s been Twenty-One days since I got fired, and I act like I’m a socialite from Gossip Girl who has all the time and money in the world to do whatever she wants.  As IF I was a millionaire.  I’m not even a hundredaire right now, I can’t afford to procrastinate.  Yes, I’m exaggerating.  Thank God for savings accounts, and my husband working, but I think he’s keeping a watchful eye on me and what I do everyday.

HUBBY:  “So…whatcha do today?”  And my mind scrambles to recollect what exactly I did, and hopes it genie blinks some embellishment.

ME:  “Well, I went online to look for jobs…” (Yeah, I Facebooked, Tweeted, watched ten episodes of Gossip Girl, and caught a rerun of “Sean Tells All” from the Bachelor franchise, then I Instagrammed some food and rainbows, watched another five episodes of Gossip Girl, checked the news on Yahoo – of course all the dish in the Entertainment Section, and of course, writing my blog.)  “…and then I did laundry…” (Did two loads all day, and while folding the clothes, I watched Gossip Girl and knitted.)  “…and then I cleaned…” (I definitely did that, and it’s amazing how vacuum lines on the carpet seconds before hubby came home, makes like I hired Merry Maids.)  “…and I was just about to cook dinner.” (Whew, thank God I had hamburger thawing from last night.  It’s SPAGHETTI FOLKS!)

I think my hubby is starting to be suspicious.

You know, I have been fighting this animal called procrastination for years!!  All I want to do is NOTHING.  I want to be lazy.  I want to be messy.  I want to just do what I want to do…I just have to do so for six hours in the day, and the the last two hours before my hubby gets home, I make sure the house is in order.  I mean even as we speak, I’m supposed to be at Costco grocery shopping!  I was supposed to do that this afternoon, but I ended up playing my guitar, and then meeting a friend for lunch, and then some people came by to pick up some furniture we sold on Craigslist.  I did TWO things today.  Even with meeting my friend for lunch, I was late.  In my self-psychoanalysis, I’ve discovered that my problem is that I don’t factor in time to actually get in my car and the commute time to the meeting place.  Or at least I just have it stuck in my mind that wherever I have to go, it’s five minutes away, even if it’s twenty minutes away.  Who am I kidding?  I just want to be lazy and do fun nonsense stuff!

I’m looking at the time on my computer and it’s 5:20 pm.  I’m thinking, yeah, Costco’s only five minutes away.  Then it’ll take me oh…an hour to shop…and I can be home by 6:30 pm.  But this is where I need to tell myself, hey…there may be long lines at the checkout stations.  OMG…I JUST HAD A HEART ATTACK…I THOUGHT MY HUBBY JUST PULLED INTO THE DRIVEWAY!  You know, procrastinating and not doing what I’m supposed to do is really cheating on my spouse.  That’s why it FELT like I was cheating on him. I’ll just get off the computer and go to Costco.  Sigh.

Listen to me:  About procrastinating…CHEATING!  But…let’s talk about it tomorrow.  I’m late for Costco.


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