About Getting Fired

So, on February 1, 2013, I got to my office at about 11:00am after visiting a couple of bank branches that I handle.  I’m a Financial Advisor – well, I was a Financial Advisor – for a local bank where I live. As I was saying, I had just come back after dropping off some “Thank You” goodies to these branches and was on the phone with a client who wanted to meet with me to do a 401k rollover.  Lo and behold, I see my boss (who rarely ever comes to visit me) and with him, some lady who turns out to be from HR approaching my front entrance.  It’s all glass walls with vertical blinds, but I could see him walking up.  I’m still on the phone for probably a good 2-3 minutes scheduling an appointment with my client when I finally hang up.  Of course I’m wondering why in the world my boss is here, and who is this lady, but it doesn’t feel like good news, so why is my boss even smiling.  He’s smiling with a knife behind his back.  I won’t bore you with the insignificant details except that for months, I have been struggling with getting my production up and meeting my sales goals, but without a physical assistant – meaning, not one that is about 500 miles away from me, but someone sitting in the same office as I am – my job is extremely difficult and challenging.  Whatever.  Boss says it’s not the right fit, that he knows I’m a hard worker, and I’m SOOOO NICE…but the end of the road was there.  Boy, did I feel such a huge weight lifted!!!  I could go on and on about the superficiality of working for corporate, but I don’t want to give you indigestion.  I do however, want to express how taxing it was for me to diplomatically say with a grin, “Oh, everything here at blankity-blank Bank was positive.  I learned so much, and I grew so much, and I just appreciate the opportunity!” when all I wanted to say to my boss, “You’re an Asshole, and I never trusted you.  I’ve never worked for someone as self-centered and unsupportive of a manager as you, and I feel so sorry for your wife for having to go home to your fat ass.”  But of course, I didn’t.  I might not get approved for unemployment insurance, for Pete’s sake!

You may be happy to know that since I got fired, a few hours later, I get a call from my former employer – the number one bank in my neck of the woods – well actually, a colleague asking if I was ready to come back to work for them again because they need me. Yes I applied for a job there…which by the way, I applied for a WEEK before I got fired.  Talk about God setting me up!  You’ll also be happy to know that I also got approved for Unemployment, and I’ll be getting a whopping $300/week after taxes.  I really am happy!  I am living my pseudo-retirement, and not gonna care that our health insurance will run out at the end of February.  Screw COBRA, too expensive.  I never understood that thing.  It’s like, hey, we fired you, but because you were such a valued employee, we’ll allow you to pay us to help you.  WTH!

Anyway, I’m enjoying my time not working.  Looking for non-existent jobs online.  Looking to get rich from home.  Watching Gossip Girl and being surprised that Blake Lively was the star, and wishing I was a socialite like her character.  But I know reality will hit soon.  In the meantime, here’s my blog.  Here’s my journey.

Listen to me:  About getting fired…it’s not the end of the road.  Who cares if I don’t have medical insurance?  I’m taking my sweet time in really evaluating my life and prioritizing what’s important.  Well, thank goodness that I also have a husband who works.  But he’s self-employed and I was the one who was carrying the medical.  But being home allowed me to serve him and our teenage son.  The home is neat and clean, there’s dinner on the table most times, my eczema is back from actually using harsh cleaning agents.  But my hubby and son are happy that I don’t come home all stressed out.  What a happy, happy home.


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