About Feeling Secure

Raise your hand if you feel secure because of the following: Having a nice career, nice bank account, a nice car, nice house, lots of friends, good-looking significant other?  Ha.  Oscar Meyer Baloney to the nth degree!  Some of those I just mentioned I used to have, and others I still have and cherish, but […]

About Sean the Bachelor: Final Two…or rather…Pinal Two – Ai Soos!

Well, well, well…it’s about time I blogged about this irritatingly WONDERFUL reality drama!  First and foremost, this show is such a guilty pleasure, NO ONE, and I repeat, NO ONE will ever find out that I absolutely LOVE this stupid show.  You know what it is about the Bachelor/Bachelorette franchise that draws me every single […]

About Procrastinating

Oh WHY, WHY, WHY to I ALWAYS do this to myself?  WHY do I procrastinate??  I swear, I’ve it’s been Twenty-One days since I got fired, and I act like I’m a socialite from Gossip Girl who has all the time and money in the world to do whatever she wants.  As IF I was […]

About Getting Fired

So, on February 1, 2013, I got to my office at about 11:00am after visiting a couple of bank branches that I handle.  I’m a Financial Advisor – well, I was a Financial Advisor – for a local bank where I live. As I was saying, I had just come back after dropping off some “Thank […]